Age grouping

The nurseries in Beechwood and Langdale Road are both split into age groups along the same lines. There are slight differences in registered numbers of children for each room.

The Jelly Babies - 0 - 2 years

The Jelly Babies room offers places to children aged between 3 months and 2 years. The unit has been designed so that at each stage of your babies development there is a separate and safe area for them to play. In addition to the play rooms, the unit also has a separate sleep/light sensory room and changing room.

The pattern of day to day activities in the Jelly Babies room is very relaxed and is reflected in the needs of the babies in each day. With babies aged between 3–14 months, there is no structured sleep or meal time and all of the children have lots of cuddles and playtime with the dedicated babyroom staff. Once your child is old enough, he or she will join our older babies for lunch at approximately 11:45 and sleep time after that.

We will encourage the children to use a spoon and fork as soon as they are old enough and transfer from a bottle to a feeder cup. We would discourage the use of bottles for juice.

The toys, games and activities in the baby unit have been designed to promote early skills such as manipulative and cognitive skills and word and sentence construction. Also developed are early problem solving skills through jigsaws, puzzles and games. Your baby will join in with sand and water play, painting and craft, music, dance and movement. Whenever the weather permits, your baby or toddler will have the opportunity to play outside.

Once your child has joined Play Away, you will be assigned a Key Person. Your child will also begin their nursery Learning Journey which is a photographic and written record of your childs development through the EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage). Your Key Person will work closely with your child and will become your point of contact within the room.

They will contact you with any concerns, upcoming projects or activities within the room and keep your child’s Learning Journey updated. You are of course more than welcome to view your child’s Learning Journey and we actively encourage you and your family to add to it with achievements you’ve observed away from nursery.

The Jelly Bears / Jelly Tots - 2 - 3 ½ years

The Jelly Bears/ Tots rooms offer places to children between 2 - 3 ½ years of age. Once your child has settled into their new room, you will be introduced to their new Key Person. The Learning Journey will be passed onto the next room and the Key Person for your child will continue the next stage.

The activities in the Bears/Tots Room will start to become more focused on group activities than in the baby room, as children will be encouraged to take turns, share and co-operate both with their friends and the staff.

The Jelly Bears/Tots have plenty of opportunities to play on the nursery computers, to listen to tape stories and music and take part in PE. The games and equipment are focused on developing speech and language skills along with problem solving, construction and early pencil control activities. Your child will have lots of time outside playing too, using the equipment such as bikes, bats, balls, skipping ropes, swings and hoops.

The Jelly Tots Room is separate from the 3–4 year olds but they do have opportunities to mix at the beginning and end of the day. This contact with the older children does we feel, help with the transition to the next room once your child is 3.

Special emphasis will be placed on potty training and staff will work very closely with parents in helping your child develop this skill.

The Jelly Beans

The Jelly Beans Room offers places to children between 3 – Pre School. All three year olds are offered 15 funded hours per week of preschool education and this is paid for by the Government.

Your child will again have a Key Person who you will be introduced to and their Learning Journey will join them in their final room of the nursery. The Jelly Beans have a great and varied day with us ranging from painting with arts and craft to dance, PE and singing. They will follow the EYFS and will develop their skills in preparation for the transition from nursery to school. You will be invited to join us for more formal parents’ evenings but as in all of our other rooms, you are free to speak to your key person or any of the managers if you wish to discuss your child’s progress.

The staff have a wealth of experience and understand that the transition from nursery to school can be a daunting one. They can offer a wealth of good local knowledge in helping you chose a local primary school that best suits your child.

Should your child have an identified Special Need, we will work closely with outside agencies to ensure that your child get the most out of their time with us and will help you deal with the paperwork for schools where a request for enhanced provision is required.

In Summary

The Jelly Beans Room is an exciting and challenging room. Your child will have lots of opportunities to learn, explore, develop and question.

We will monitor his/her Progress carefully and at any stage if we are concerned about how they are doing we will let you know. You are very welcome to come and talk to us or take your child’s book bag home with you, though we do ask that you return it the following day.

Play Away is a warm and friendly nursery with an excellent reputation. We hope we will be able to provide you and your child with the opportunity to join us.