Equal opportunities

The child with Special Needs

All children are special and at Play Away we have a keen interest in helping and encouraging families where their child has been identified with a special need.

Since the nursery opened in 1993, we have worked with children who have had a variety of difficulties some that have progressed with our encouragement and attention and others who have needed the support of outside agencies such as Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, or Occupational Therapists or Education psychologists.

We are very proud of the way we integrate the children and teach them to treat with kindness and sensitivity all of the children in the nursery regardless of their ability. If your child has any additional needs, you can be assured that they will be treated with the same love and encouragement as all the other children, and that time and resources will be made available should they require additional attention. At each of our nurseries, we have 2 fully trained SENCO members of staff (Special Educational Needs Coordinators). They will liaise with you if we have identified areas where we feel your child may benefit from additional input and make appointments for outside agencies to come to nursery to observe and advise us on how to move your child forward.

The Function of OFSTED

All nurseries who take children from birth to pre-school, are registered with OFSTED. OFSTED is a Government body and are there to ensure that our high standards are maintained and that regulations relating to your child’s safety and development and our building safety are always maintained. OFSTED will follow up any complaints parents may have and will carry out inspections of our provision. They look at the quality of care provided, the safety and appropriateness of our building and equipment, our staffing levels and qualifications and our pre-school educational provision.