Leaving your child with us

Dropping Off

When you arrive at nursery with your child, we would ask that you stick to the times of your sessions. Children who have booked in for a morning session should not be dropped off until 8:30am and children attending for the afternoon session should not arrive until 1:00pm unless with prior arrangement.

You are always welcome to stay with your child when you drop them off, especially if they are new to nursery life. Should they require any medication during the day, it is at this point that you should notify staff and they will have you sign a medicine form. If you have any other messages about your child for example he is going for his 36 month check today, or his aunt will be collecting him, again let the staff know at this time and a note will be made in the day book.

Picking Up

It is very important that all children are collected at the end of their session on time. It can be very distressing for a young child if their parents do not arrive when they are expected so we would urge you to stick to 12:30 for a morning session, 5:00pm for an afternoon session, and no later than 6:00pm for a full day session. Once you arrive at nursery you can again take the opportunity to ask about your child's progress and we will let you know how they have been during the day.

When you register your child with us, we will ask you for a password which is unique to you and your family. If then for any reason you cannot collect your child and want to send a friend or relative instead, you must telephone us in advance and let us know who is coming and confirm that you have told them the password. Once that person arrives at nursery they will be asked for your password and their name. Unless both are correct we will not let your child go until we have contacted you.

Illness and Medicine

In the majority of circumstances, only medicine that has been prescribed for your child’s specific use will be administered by the nursery. It should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and should be dated and state the specific dose. The medicine can be have been prescribed by a doctor, nurse, dentist or hospital. It is the nursery’s policy that children with an infection requiring antibiotics should not attend nursery for 48hrs. This will allow time for the medication to take effect. The exception to this would be an infection which is not contagious such as tooth infection. However we ask that you use your judgement and if your child is on antibiotics they may not be well enough to enjoy a busy day at nursery.

Settling your child in – Our partnership with Parents

You are the best judge of how well your baby or child is going to settle into nursery life, so we will take your advice on how to plan the visits. However, what we usually do is to contact you about 4 weeks before your expected start date, and plan for 1–2 visits each week of about 1 hour initially and then increasing this to about 2 hours until your start date.

During these visits, you will be invited to stay and can tell us as much about your child as possible so that once they start, we have a good idea about their likes and dislikes. You can ask us anything you like about our day to day routine, and of course observe the activities in the room.