Payment options

All fees are payable weekly in advance and you can pay by cheque—cheques should be made payable to Play Away Day Nursery or direct bank transfer. Your company may also use childcare vouchers to pay all or part of your nursery fees.

Alternatively, you can pay by monthly standing order. This facility is used by most parents and the fees can be set up through your bank to be taken on a date that suits you. All families are entitled to two weeks per year free from nursery fees and so the monthly standing order is calculated over 50 weeks rather than 52 weeks to arrive at one standard monthly fee—(weekly rate, times 50 weeks, divided by 12 months).

Parents will be notified at least one month in advance of any rate increase, and these rates will also be shown on this page.

Unfortunately no rebates or refunds can be made for non-attendance due to illness or holidays as we will hold the place for your child.

If your child is not collected until after 6:00pm, you may be charged a late collection fee of £15. This is a fine and should not be taken to mean that we open past 6:00pm.